Meeting room in Haapsalu I Kongo hotel Haapsalu
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Meeting room in the Old Town of Haapsalu

Kongo Hotell Haapsalus talveaed

Meeting room in Haapsalu

If you would like to hold your conference or meeting in a cosy small town hotel, with an atmosphere that helps to dispel the thoughts from everyday responsibilities, the Kongo hotel in Haapsalu is an ideal place for that.

The light and airy meeting room “Winter Garden” is ideal for holding a meeting or conference during a day and having a pleasant dinner with your companions in the evening.

Capacity of meeting room

Conference room “Winter Garden” 50 m²

  • Up to 30 seats in diplomat or seminar style
  • Up to 40 seats in theatre style
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Meeting room has

  • paperboard
  • grapho-projector with screen
  • pre-ordered audio and video technology
  • free WiFi
  • For extra fee data projector is also available, but pre-ordering is necessary.

Price of meeting room 

60 €/day
20 €/hour

Coffee breaks

We offer different coffee pauses for your meetings.

  • Coffee, tea, water 2.50 €/person
  • Coffee break with sandwich (Coffee, tea, water, sandwich) 4.50 €/person
  • Coffee break with vegetables (Coffee, tea, water, vegetables, dipp-sauce) 4.50 €/person
  • Coffee break with pastries (Coffee, tea, water, pastries) 4.50 €/person
  • Coffee break with fruits (Coffee, tea, water, fruits) 4.50 €/person
  • Coffee break with cookies (Coffee, tea, water, cookies)  4.50 € /person
  • Coffee break with sandwich and pastries (Coffee, tea, water, sandwich, pastries)  5 €/person
  • Coffee break with pastries and fruits (Coffee, tea, water, pastries, fruits)  4.50 €/person


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