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Haapsalu Sightseeing

What to see in Haapsalu

Haapsalu Resort Hall

Sightseeing places in Haapsalu

Worth to see

The Episcopal Castle of Haapsalu

The Episcopal Castle of Haapsalu is a place you should definitely visit in Haapsalu. The castle is famous for the most well-known Estonian ghost the White Lady, who appears on the Dome Church chapel window every year on full moon nights in August.

Kurhouse and the Promenade

The beautiful wooden-laced Kurhouse was built in 1898 on a seaside promenade. It is unique because it is the only kurhouse in Estonia which has preserved its original form and still operates as a summer restaurant. Kurhouse is located on a promenade which is perfect for taking a walk or just sitting on a bench and enjoying the sunset. Don’t forget to check your watch on the Sundial and sit on the world-famous composer Tchaikovsky’s bench, where you can listen to and be inspired by his famous compositions while admiring the sea. There is also a children’s playground on the Promenade and the only bird-watching tower in Haapsalu. Behind the bandstand you will find the monument of Carl Hunnius, the discoverer of curative mud.

Railway Station

Railway Station built at the beginning of 20th century, the roofed platform was the longest in Europe. In the Emperor Pavillion and on rails there is the Estonian Railway Museum. The building is under national protection as an architectural monument.

Haapsalu Shawl

According to folklore, Haapsalu Shawl was first knitted at the second quarter of the 19th century when women from Noarootsi and Vormsi settled down in Haapsalu. The shawl’s development into today’s elegant lacy item has probably to do with the rich Russian nobility who started to visit the small town, when Haapsalu became an imperial resort because of its mud baths.
You can learn more about the shawl and its history in Läänemaa Museum and it can be bought in Haapsalu handicraft shops or online.

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