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Museums in Haapsalu

Where to go in Haapsalu

Old Town of Haapsalu

Museums in Haapsalu

List of Museums in Haapsalu we reccommend

Läänemaa museum

Läänemaa museum is situated in the former Town Hall in Lossiplatsi Square. There you can get an overview of the history of Lääne County through permanent exposition and smaller exhibits.
The museum of the Episcopal Castle and the Clock tower
The convent building of Haapsalu Episcopal castle is a Dome Church and a stronghold-dwelling of bishops and clergymen from the 13th century. During the summer season the museum is open daily, but during the winter season there are only pre-arranged visits. In summer there is an archery path open in the trench of the castle.

Estonian Railway Museum

Estonian Railway Museum is located in the territory and rooms of the historic Haapsalu railway station, which was built during the years 1905-1906.
Visitors are fascinated by the over 200-metre-long covered platform, the Imperial residence and the atmosphere of the former times. Modernity has been added by three railway-related attractions with sounds.
In addition to the station building, the cloak-room, roofed cargo area, water tower, depot, rooms of the railway workers, ambulatory, a water tap for steam engines and a swing-bridge have also preserved. All these objects are under heritage protection.

Museum of the Coastal Swedes

The museum was founded in order to introduce and preserve the culture of the Estonian Swedes who used to settle the western coast of mainland and islands. Also the museum offers various activities, for example, the visitors can observe how a traditional Coastal Swedish boat is built from scratch. The museum’s library has probably the best collection of materials on this topic in Estonia. Continuous cooperation with universities provides the newest researches on Estonian Swedes’ lifestyle, living conditions and history. The aim is to be an improvised culture centre, where different visitors can be offered various activities – from exhibits and boat rides to a conference venue.

Evald Okas Museum

Evald Okas Museum is a private museum that opened its doors to the public in 2003. The museum’s mission is to collect, preserve and exhibit the creation of Evald Okas and his family members, which are displayed in an exhibition during the summer months. In addition to the works of Evald Okas and artists belonging to his family, the summer exhibition programme also displays the works of other artists. The museum is open only during the summer season.

You should also visit:

  • Haapsalu Shawl Museum,
  • the Museum of Communication,
  • Cyrillus Kreek Apartment-Museum and
  • Hans Laikmaa House-Museum.

You can find all the opening hours and ticket prices on Haapsalu’s official website.


Haapsalu has also many art galleries you should visit. Some of the well-known galleries are

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