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Visiting Haapsalu with children

Where to go and what to do in Haapsalu with kids

Haapsalu is not just a summer resort, it is also an ideal place for a family vacation: lovely cafés, family museums, galleries and the water park – these are only a hand-full of options to try out during Your short visit to Haapsalu.

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Places to visit with kids:

Ilon's Wonderland in Haapsalu

Ilon’s Wonderland

In Ilon’s Wonderland it is possible to listen to fairytales and to watch movies.
Kids can also do a puppet show, see where Karlsson lived, bake cookies in the kitchen, do wood-craft in Mattias’ cottage, play in the garden and so much more

Railway Museum

The Estonian Railway Museum is located in Haapsalu railway station and its surrounding territories. After looking around in the station house, You can also go and touch steam locomotives, engine locomotives and electrical locomotives from different ages. Inside the station You can find a railway themed exhibition and the building itself is an interesting exhibit.

Railway Museum in Haapsalu

Haapsalu’s Water Park

Haapsalu’s Water Park has 6 lines, each 25 meters long. They also have a 46 meter slide, water falls and underwater massage possibilities, a big Jacuzzi, saunas and also different devices to help Your child swim.
Haapsalu’s Water Park is only about a 10 minute walk from Kongo Hotell.

Nõva RMK Recreation Area

Nõva recreation and protection area on the lowland in the West of Estonia was established to protect the coastal landscapes and plant communities. It encompasses vast bog plains, forest massifs and sand beaches. The lakes around Peraküla are surrounded by 5-metre high coastal dunes. White water lilies and great fen-sedge grow on the lakes. The coastal area enchants those interested in enjoying beach pleasures and surfing. The forests are full of bilberries, lingonberries and mushrooms. There is an information desk, outdoor fireplace and camping sites in the recreation area.

Nova RMK Recreation area
Roosta Adventurepark

Roosta Adventurepark

Come and experience the challenge and excitement of Roosta Adventure Park! Opened in 2009, it is uniquely different to other adventure parks and is sure to provide you with an amazing day’s entertainment.The park makes a great place for families to come together, with exciting competitions for teams, fun for school groups and a true chance for anyone who is scared of heights to conquer their fear – as you go climbing in the middle of the night! Roosta Adventure Park has three tracks of varying degrees of difficulty: blue, red and black..

Haapsalu Episcopal Castle Children’s park

A popular children’s park is in the big moat of Haapsalu Episcopal Castle and attracts with medieval entertainment attractions. Come and have a look at a castle, a ship, stone tug, different seesaws, a merry-go-round and many other things. Try your hand at pottery from June to August and find the big chequers table with rolling pieces. Children’s park is free of charge, suitable for kids up to 10 years, activities for older ones as well. Visit also the museum and the belfry.
Interesting to know: The children’s park in the castle was elected the best Estonian public utility in 2008.

Playground is loctated only 5 min walking distance from Kongo Hotel in Haapsalu.
View location from Google maps.

Haapsalu Episcopal Castle Children’s park
Aafrika beach playroom and playground

Aafrika beach playroom and playground

When you are on a family vacation it is important to know where the young ones can have a good time. The playground on Haapsalu’s Promenade is the newest in town and is open all-year-round. In the summer season there are a children’s café and playroom where you can hire scooters and rollerblades. Nearby you will find the Haapsalu Resort Hall (Kuursaal) summer café and a bird-watching tower.

View location from Google maps.

Train Peter

Take a 30 minute train ride with  Train Peter and discover the Old Town of Haapsalu.
Peter leaves in front of the Railway Station every full hour from Monday to Sunday


Ticket price 2 eur.

The train ride ends in front of the Railway Museum, with every ticket for Peter, You can get a discount ticket for the museum.

Train Peter

Steamboat “Kallis Mari” (Dear Mary)

Take a 30 minute boat ride on Haapsalu Bay with Steamboat “Kallis Mari” (Dear Mary). The boat leaves the Veskiviigi port (Holmi 14) every hour from Monday to Sunday

at 11.00-18.00.

Prior booking is required!
Information and booking: +372 53961396

Ticket price 5 eur.
Price for the whole boat 40 eur.

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