Cafes and restaurants in Haapsalu seaside resort
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Cafés and Restaurants in Haapsalu, Estonia

Where to eat in Haapsalu

Cafés in Haapsalu are popular among Estonians who doesn’t even live here. Some people just come to Haapsalu because of it. Most of Haapsalu legendary cafés are located in old town where you can enjoy your meal on the terrace with summer vibe around you.

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Kongo Hotel Restaurant in Haapsalu

Kongo Hotel Restaurant

Kongo Hotel’s restaurant invites you to a quick and delicious lunch, when daily specials are offered, as well as to spend a pleasant evening with friends. Fireplace and Coastal Swedish style create a cosy and warm atmosphere.

Light and airy “Winter Garden” is an ideal place in Haapsalu for birthday parties, receptions and other festive occasions.

In summer there is an open terrace with 28 places, where guests can enjoy Haapsalu’s best cheesecake.

Hapsal Dietrich

Café Dietrich has an impressive history. It opened its doors at the beginning of the 20th century when the business was best known for its high-quality pastries.

Nowadays The creators of the new Café Dietrich are two families whose passion and hobbies are cooking, enjoying food, love for small cafés, respect for the history of Haapsalu, we have tried to design the Café to look the way it was 100 years ago.

Address: Karja 10

Hapsal Dietrich
Haapsalu Raamat Café, Picture author: Tiina Prants

Haapsalu Raamat

Haapsalu Raamat is Café and book shop. While reading books you can enjoy coffee drinks, wines, pies and cakes. During the summer season there is also terrace open.

Address: Karja 6

Kärme Küülik (Rapid Rabbit)

Italian restaurant Kärme Küülik is welcoming you with its cozy atmosphere. Restaurant has wood owen where they bake delicious italian pizzas. In the menu you can aslo find pasta, meat and seafood. During the summer season terrace is open where you can enjoy Haapsalu old town vibe.

Address: Karja 5

Kärme küülik restaurant in Haapsalu
Müüriääre Café in Haapsalu

Müüriääre Café

Müüriääre Café is the place where you want to stay and just relax and enjoy this little old town aura. In addition to its cosiness you can enjoy very delicious cakes and pies. During the summer season terrace and garden is open.

Address: Karja 7

Haapsalu Kuursaal

Haapsalu Kuursaal is the only resort hall in Estonia, which has been preserved in its original form.In addition to its architectural value, Kuursaal has an impressive historical and cultural background. Kuursaal together with the band stand next to it was one of the midpoints of Haapsalu resort life in the first half of the last century.

Sea view and delicious food is guaranteed. There are also concerts taking place in Kuursaal.

Address: Promenaadi 1

Haapsalu Kuursaal is open during the summer season..

Kuursaal in Haapsalu

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